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What is Password Service?
Password Service is a company which is offering you 100% Guaranteed recovery of your password-protected files. We can remove password protection from electronic documents created in any version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Money, Outlook, VBA modules and WinZip. Here's how it works: you simply purchase a password cracking program which will crack your password and recover your valuable data with 100% guaranteed success!

Why Password Service?

Our list of available password recovery services includes all of Microsoft Office document types (such as Word, Excel, Access and Outlook, including VBA modules) plus MS Money and WinZip. Click here to see the full Price List and varieties of programs you can buy right now!

Please give special attention to the fact that a long password is not a problem for us - now we can recover documents safely and quickly regardless of password length. If anyone else boasts this, it is probably not true. We employ the original Smart Attack Technology , while competitors use Brute Force Attack (that is, simply trying all possible passwords), which can take forever.

Password Service offers you a choice of quick and powerful password recovery tools. They work instantly! Only for Word "97/2000 and Excel "97/2000 documents, the recovery time may be increased up to 72 hours due to improved encryption scheme used in Microsoft Office. 72 hours is not much at all.

We understand that password-protected files usually contain private information. Your data remains strictly confidential! Private information is not sent anywhere, so nobody except for you is able to access it. Only in case of guaranteed recovery for Word "97/2000 or Excel "97/2000 documents, the software has to send a small portion of your document to our server to enable us to recover the document, but it is only a small part of a document (about 60 bytes long) which contains no private information such as document contents or any document parameters (except for password). All transferred information is encrypted with a strong cryptoalgorithm.

100% Money Back Guarantee
1. Our Money Back Guarantee applies to the Guaranteed Recovery feature of MS Word and MS Excel password recovery tools only. This means that you can reclaim your payment if you have chosen to spend your RecoveryVoucher (which comes with every purchase of Word and/or Excel password recovery tool) to recover a password using our computational and scientific resources, and we, for some reason, could not complete the task - that is, remove the password protection and present you the contents of the originally encrypted file.

2. We do not guarantee that information in a deciphered file is going to meet your expectations. This means that if you order a Guaranteed Recovery according to your Recovery Voucher and we complete the task, you cannot request a refund on the grounds that a document file is (and originally was) empty or contains some information other that what you expected to see.

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