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Why would you want to buy our password recovery tools in the first place? Suppose you have a large volume of important password-protected business or private data. A text document may contain a college research paper or a list of phone numbers you might want to keep secret. A spreadsheet may hold your tax calculation or an accounting report. Needless to say, databases or archive files may contain even a greater variety of data types with tons of possible uses, each one of them equally important and necessary.

Suppose now, you lost a password for one of these files (or someone else put a password on your data without giving it to you). A reasonable precaution turns into a serious problem in this case! About the only way to handle it is to use a password recovery tool. We offer you a variety of programs, designed to crack password for

  MS Word
  MS Excel
  MS Access, MS Money, and other databases
  MS Outlook
  VBA Modules

With our password recovery tools, you can crack password to most data files instantly. Sohpisticated algorithms we use to recover a password give you a quick and efficient way to to the job.The situation may be diffferent, however, if you are trying to retrieve a password to Word'97, Excel'97, Word'2000 and Excel'2000 files! Normally, when you purchase a recovery tool, you use it to recover a password with so-called Brute Force Attack. The program tries all passwords until it finds the right one. But if the original passwords consisted of more then, say, 6 characters, there may be literally millions of years before the right one will be found... Still, even in this case you have our guarantee that we wil crack the password! We guarantee that no matter how long the original password was, we will be able to crack it!

With a purchase of a password cracking tool for Word or Excel, you receive one Guaranteed Password Recovery! And, you can order additional recovery sessions by purchasing our Recovery Vouchers. Guaranteed Password Recovery will take no more than 72 hours (usually about 24-48 hours). If you think this is a long time, try plain old Brute Force Attack in demo versions of Word and Excel recovery tools.

In a way, this offer is unique. No one else will offer you such guarantees and speed as we do. Other companies may be offering you tons of promises and demo versions of their programs that work just fine with short passwords which are, say, 3 or 4 characters long. But when it comes to action, they simply fail. Here's why: their programs use Brute Force Attack, but in real life passwords are somewhat longer than 4 characters.

Naturally, you may have seen other companies advertizing their recovery tools. You may be wondering why it's us you should prefer to others. Well, consider this: We are in business since 1996. Since that time, there was not a single customer who hadn't received qualified help, information on the subject or a useful link. We have always been offering our clients maximum of our attention and skills - we simply can't afford not doing it. Facts speak for themselves: now companies as big as Motorola enter the list of our clients. Aren't you convinced you can trust us?

So, when you decide that our service is right for you, here's how you work with us, step by step:

Buy now your recovery tool online! You will receive it immediately!
Use it on one of your documents - for a guaranteed result, which is achieved through use of the Smart Attack algorithm.
Once you have purchased and used our Recovery Tool, you may buy additional Recovery Vouchers. Every one of these entitles you to receive an additional Guaranteed Password Recovery.

Normally, the process of recovery is instant. In some cases, like if you have been using the latest versions of Word and Excel, the process may take longer. But you always have our guarantee that you will have your decoded data in 72 hours when we finish the job - and your money back if we cannot, for some reason!

Additional Recovery Vouchers available for every Recovery Tool you purchase! Plus, we are planning to introduce special Fast Recovery you can upgrade to.

Important notes about WORD'97/2000 and EXCEL'97/2000
There is a another peculiarity about documents created in Word '97/2000 and Excel '97/2000: we can unprotect such documents, but we cannot give you the password. Such situation exists because of a very complex encryption method used for protection of these document types (especially Excel). In this case you'll get the recovered documents without a password, but the point is that you'll be able to open them anyway, without having to enter a password!

We can unprotect the Word '97/2000 and Excel '97/2000 documents created in any localized version of MS Office (for example, French, German, Japanese, Russian etc.). Please contact us for more information.

It's OK if you don't know exactly which Office version your document is created with. Our Recovery Tool will do all the necessary analysis by itself. If we cannot unprotect your document, we will return you the money paid.

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